Monday, March 11, 2013

Being Provocative

“And what did you learn from that?”

“Hmmm.” I paused to think about an event I had just mentioned to a friend. “I learned that I don’t get my value from what kids think of me.  I learned that I still love teaching even when I’ve had a bad experience.”

“Well, there you go!” 

Don’t you love it when friends hold you accountable and make you think? My sister says she has one friend she calls when she want sympathy and another she calls when she wants to hear the truth. We need both, I believe. That’s at least part of what being in a church means, and I’m so glad to be in a church setting where I have people who love me enough to push me to be better, who ask me questions I’d rather not have to think about.

Hebrews 10 reminds us not to “forsake the assembling of [ourselves] together” so that we can encourage (It really says “provoke.”)  one another to “love and good works.”  

Let’s be thankful this week for those who sympathize with us and also for those who provoke us.

--Sherry Poff

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