Sunday, January 29, 2017


We all know the phenomenon well: We hear a message on a particular topic, and it really gets our attention. Then that same topic seems to come up again in personal Bible study, in a song on the radio, in a conversation with a friend. Well, that's where I am, so this must be God's message to me just now.

When Kelly O'Rear spoke to the upper school students for Spiritual Renewal Week, he noted that we all seek salvation in something or someone. Part of his point was that we may trust Jesus as the payment for our sins and for our entry into Heaven, but then look to something else to "save" us from day to day. In other words, I know Jesus provided my eternal salvation, but I think I can depend on my intelligence or my charm to get me through the day.

Maybe some of us count on friends or on money. We think as long as we can call someone or hire someone we don't need God. We wouldn't say as much, but that's how we behave.  In his letter to the Galatians, Paul said, "Are you so foolish? Having begun in the Spirit, are you now being made perfect by the flesh?" (3:3).

I confess I sometimes charge right ahead into my day counting on well-laid plans. We all know how that is apt to work out. Even after I've read my Bible and prayed, I can walk away with my checklist and think I've got it covered. But I need God in every moment. He is the director of my day and the planner of my steps. He alone can save me from myself.

God grant that I "walk in the Spirit" this day and every day, exhibiting in my life--by his grace--all the fruit that the Spirit produces: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Gal. 5).

--Sherry Poff

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