Sunday, March 27, 2016




Many times when we are flying to or from Europe (because it is usually at least seven or eight hours over the Big Pond), I like to meditate on Scripture and then talk to the Lord about what that Scripture means to me.  

One of my all-time favorite sights in the world is when the very first sign of daybreak can be seen as we fly East. Oh, to be a pilot at that time of day!!! J The horizon is a very thin ribbon of light all across the world…all the rest is dark…above and below the line. I love to say to Brant: “God did it again…a new day.” Wow! Our Savior is alive. He has given us so much to enjoy.

On one flight in 2010, I was meditating on one of my very favorites…Psalm 23. Probably thousands of writers have expressed their thoughts about this song of David. This Psalm can fit any person and any occasion…so here is my meditation on Psalm 23 as a woman:

The Lord is my personal guard and companion; I shall not be afraid.

He makes me to lie down and sleep in peace and safety at night.

He comforts my soul with His Word.

He leads me to make right choices when there is no one else to guide me.

Even though I face death, my omnipresent, omnipotent guard and companion is with me and I will not fear.

His love and mercy completely fill my days with goodness…knowing I will be in Heaven with Him forever.

Maylou Holladay

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