Sunday, July 17, 2016

Staying Hydrated

How are you beating the heat? While many of us would rather reach for our sodas or teas, we all know it’s best to drink water on hot days like we’ve had...and to drink it often!

When the heat is on in your spiritual life, how are you hydrating? As the Israelites followed Moses in the desert they often complained about their physical circumstances. They’d been in bondage, but the conveniences of slave life appeared more pleasurable than the uncertainty of wilderness life. 

We often read of God’s provision, and we scold the Israelites for their lack of trust in God, but we fail to remember that they did not have the vantage point that we have in reading their story from start to finish. 

In your own desert, it may be difficult to find the refreshment and hydration that you need. We convince ourselves that we need a trip to the beach or a pedicure to feel refreshed. And while those are excellent relaxers (and should probably be utilized whenever possible) they can’t fulfill for very long. We have to leave the beach eventually, and our toenails will need reshaping in a few weeks. 

Like the Israelites, you may doubt that hydration is coming soon, but just as God provided in unique and unexpected ways...even when they complained...He is a good Father and ready to quench your thirst. I can’t give you a checklist or guaranteed steps to follow, but I can tell you that when I have most needed a sip of cold water and have surrounded myself with truth from His Word whether by reading or through song, He has poured out rivers of water to revive my soul. So, if you’re not ready to gulp it down, at least attempt some sips, and I bet you won’t have to wait long for your thirst to be quenched.

~Rebecca (Phillips) Monroe

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