Monday, March 14, 2011

Spread His Fragrance

Have you ever considered how fragrance plays such a unique part in our lives?  I was thinking the other day of certain fragrances that pull me back – either to a place, or to a person. 

My grandfather was a pipe smoker and although there aren’t too many men who smoke a pipe anymore, I know that if I smelled that familiar sweet tobacco fragrance again I would be transported back to those lovely days spent in my grandparents' home.

Who can forget the distinctive smell of Crayola crayons?  That always carries me back to my childhood.  However, I have to say that our son “confessed” to us not so very long ago that he once pushed a piece of crayon so far up his nose that it eventually fell down the back of his throat!  Perhaps there’s more than one reason why I remember Crayola crayons!

“Sierra” is a fragrance that our daughter called “hers” some years ago and on those rare occasions when I’m spending time at a perfume counter I can never quite resist spraying my wrist with that particular perfume.  It reminds me so much of her. 

Not so long ago our Sunday school lesson led us to II Corinthians 2:14, where Paul shares that through us the Lord spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him.  The next verse is so touching because it tells me that we are to God the fragrance of His Son.  

 I truly pray that the fragrance of my life is a joy to the Father and, to those about me, a sweet reminder of the Lord Jesus Christ.

***Carol Pappas


  1. Carol - Your life continues to be such an encouragement to me. Thank-you for this precious reminder of what we are to God and what we should be to others. Kamilla

  2. Carol, I also see in you the sweet fragrance Paul is speaking of. You are a blessing!

  3. It is so true that smells bring back a memory better than does any other sense. For some reason, the smell of certain kinds of soap are very evocative to me. Safeguard always makes me miss my mom.

    I'm glad you wrote for us, Carol. This is a lovely thought and prayer---to make our lives sweet to God as we submit to his work in us.

  4. One of my favorite smells is "baby." I'm hoping that I'll get to snuggle up to my new nephew soon and smell his sweet baby scent. Makes me think that God wants that kind of closeness with us so He can smell His children.