Monday, October 11, 2010

A Morsel of Bread in Thine Hand
He called to her, and said, “Bring me, I pray thee, a morsel of bread in thine hand.” 1 Kings 17:11
The widow woman objected to Elijah’s request, her resources were almost gone. Her plans were to make a cake for her and her son and then die. We are familiar with this story - How
God took her meager amount and multiplied it to supply the needs of her, her son, and Elijah.
Our lives are like the widow woman, God asks us to give Him what is in our hand.

For many years my desire for children made me so consumed with that desire that I could not see what was in my hand.
It is so easy to get sidetracked by the enemy into thinking God has not blessed me like someone else. What if the widow had told Elijah to go somewhere else, perhaps to someone with more food, a bigger, nicer house; you name it. The enemy tries to convince us that what God has placed in our hands is not as valuable as what someone else has in their hand.
God wants what is in our hand, whatever He has given us. It may be something only for this season of life. Maybe what you have in your hand is to be an encourager through a note or a phone call. Perhaps it is a meal to someone going through a difficult time. Your morsel of bread may be the care of your children, or an elderly parent. God makes no mistakes, His way is always perfect. Looking back I am so grateful for the way He worked in my life, those long fifteen years. He was in the process of preparing me for what He has for me right now.

Whenever we are out in the public, repeatedly the phrase is said, “You have your hands full.”
Yes, my hands are full. God has blessed us with three children! We have a four year old and four month old twins. Full hands indeed, God’s timing is perfect. He knows how and when to take the morsel of bread from your hand and give you the desire of your heart...full hands!
Trust him with whatever small tedious thing He has given you for today. Watch and see what he can do with it for eternity if you only trust Him.

~Lynell McMillan~


  1. What a sweet testimony, Lynell! Why are we so reluctant to trust?
    There are many scriptures about hands--particularly a woman's hands. There is surely a lot to learn here.

  2. This was a blessing....thanks for sharing!!

  3. This made me think about a song my high school choir director had us sing, called "Moses" by Ken Medema. It is an interesting song, written in a style that made most of us giggle when we tried to sing it, but I'll never forget the lyrics, especially the part about letting go of what's in our hands.
    I've copied the lyrics below. Enjoy!

    Moses. Ken Medema (C) 1971 Word Music

    Old Moses, way back there in the wilderness.
    Saw some smoke... came to the bush, and the bush was burning!
    God said, "Take off your shoes, Moses, you're on holy ground.

    Moses, I've chosen you to be my man.
    Moses, way down in Egypt land!
    Moses, I've chosen you to work for Me,
    Moses, I've chosen you to set my people free!"

    "Not me, Lord, don't You know I can't talk so good?
    I st-st-stutter all the time!
    Do You know my brother, Aaron?
    He can sing like an angel, t-t-talk like a preacher!
    Not me, Lord, I can't talk so good.

    And another thing: How will they know that I've been here with You?
    How will they know what You've sent me to do?
    Don't You know in Egypt they want little Moses' head?
    Don't You know in Egypt they want little Moses dead?
    Don't You know they'll never hear a single word I'll say?
    Maybe You'd better get Your dirty work done another way!
    Not me, Lord!

    "What's that in your hand, Moses?"

    "It's just a rod."

    "Throw it down, Moses."

    "Do You mean, like, on the ground?"

    "Yes, I said, throw it down, Moses."

    "Lord, don't take my rod away from me!
    Don't You know it's my only security?!
    Don't You know when you live here all alone
    A man's gotta have something he can call his own?
    Not me, Lord!"

    "Throw it down, Moses."

    "But, Lord, I..."

    "Throw it down, Moses."


    "Throw it down, Moses!"

    Moses threw the rod on the ground, and the rod became a hissing snake!
    Well, Moses started running... well, maybe you'd run, I know that I'd run!
    He was running from a hot rod! Running from a hissing snake!
    Running scared of what God's gonna do, running scared He'll get a-hold of you!
    And the Lord said, "Stop! Pick it up, Moses, by the tail!"

    "Lord, You have not lived here very long,
    Lord, You've got the whole thing wrong!
    Don't You know that You never pick up a hissing snake... by his..."

    "Pick it up, Moses!!"

    "Oh, God, it's a rod again... it's a rod again... it's a rod again!"

    "Do you know what it means, Moses?
    Do you know what I'm trying to say, Moses?
    The rod of Moses became that rod of God.
    With the rod of God, touch the rock and the water will come.
    With the rod of God, part the waters of the sea.
    With the rod of God, you can strike old Pharoah dead.
    With the rod of God, you can set my people free."

    What do you hold in your hand today?
    To what, or to Whom are you bound?
    Are you willing to give it to God right now?
    Give it up, let it go, throw it down.

    Found on Ken Medema's project Yesterday Revisited
    (C) 1989 Briar Patch Records

  4. I remember this song, Rebecca. At least, I remember hearing it. It is an ususual style, but memorable!