Sunday, October 15, 2017

Cry to Jesus

I hate for anyone to see me cry. That’s private, for me alone, and I don’t want to share it. And it annoys me when I can’t stop my tears if others are near.

Many years ago, Paul and I were sitting side by side and I was upset about something (not anything to do with him) and I started to cry. I turned away from him and tried not to make any sounds, but he knew. He sat in silent patience for a little while. Finally he said, kindly, “If you will turn toward me, I can comfort you, but if you turn away from me, I can’t do anything for you.”

Is our loving Father saying that to us?

When we are unhappy, do we think to turn to God for comfort first? I don’t. I muddle around in my misery for a while, then try to think what to do to “fix” this. When I can’t, THEN I turn to God for answers. But run to Him for comfort? I’m still trying to learn that. I don’t want Him to see me just sit there and cry. I want Him to get me out of this. Comfort isn’t my first request; action is. Fix it. Then I will be comforted. 

But a lot of the distresses of life don’t get fixed -- even though the Master Mechanic is on our side. He’s not the magic genie in a jar, waiting to satisfy our three wishes. He’s the all-understanding Guide, Guard and Power. When He’s not fixing it to our satisfaction, we are not understanding it to His satisfaction. We need to trust Him, turn to Him, and sometimes cry to Him. If we will turn toward Him, He can help us.

 --Lynda Shenefield

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