Monday, December 6, 2010

The Shepherd "IS"

“The Lord is my shepherd…(Psalm 23).” I love this passage of Scripture. I quote it to my son each night at bed time. The “IS” impacts me right now more that it does him.
My most recent time of quoting verse 4, “I will fear no evil...” came on a Sunday morning. I was sitting in Sunday school class enjoying an excellent lesson when I realized that I had left a pan of rice cooking on the stove at home. I panicked! I dashed out of class heading for home (about a 15 minute drive). Fearing the worst, my mind was racing and fear was taking over. In my mind I could see flames shooting from my house. I planned that I would get home, run in the house and call 911. My plan was laid as to how to deal with my house fire. While I was hurrying home, I kept quoting verse 4, “I will fear no evil...”
Upon arriving home, things were calm on the outside. Slowly entering, I was just sure smoke would meet me. Much to my joy and surprise, no smoke detectors were blaring and no smoke smell. As I approached the stove, I opened the lid of the pan. A cloud of steam, not smoke came out. The rice had cooked for an hour and a half! It had not burned or even scorched. At that moment, I dropped to my knees, crying and thanking God for His watch care over this frazzled, absentminded mother. The Shepherd had been there watching over me and my home. He "IS" so kind and so patient.
As we ate our rice for lunch that day, I was reminded that the Shepherd "IS" always there leading me, causing me to “...fear no evil...”

~Lynell McMillan~


  1. Amazing, Lynell. A true "God sighting."

  2. Lynell, thanks for your post - life with kids and a husband to care for gets the best of me sometimes, and I certainly have scary moments, also, when I am sure that something is going to be "up in flames" as a result of my haste (although the intentions are good....). But I think that your words will bring me comfort and relief when those situations creep up on me! Your post struck a chord with me-thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. I love the reminder that He IS! I have never read or recited that passage with that concept in mind. He IS my shepherd right now and will provide for me right now. He restores my soul right now! I'm getting chills just thinking about it!
    Thank you for sharing such insight, Lynell.