Monday, November 15, 2010

My Life as a Slideshow

What a blessing to see what God is doing across the world through the Grace Baptist Church missionaries! After watching the slideshows this week, not only did I have to buy more purse packs of Kleenex, but I also got to thinking...If I had to present a slideshow of my life to hundreds of people every four years, what would that look like? Do I have a story to tell? Do I have statistics to share? Do I have a ministry to get others excited about? Are there people I would include as "success" stories or prayer requests? Would I be brave enough to ask prayer for the very real struggles I face? Would I be able to tell about future plans and ideas for reaching the "people group" I'm surrounded by? Could I, in just a few slides in a few minutes, clearly and articulately present my part in God's big plan? Would people see Christ in my life? Would people's emotions be touched? Would people be motivated and encouraged by what God is doing in and through me? Would people be moved to pray or give because they believed my life calling was worth their time and money?

This little Sunday school song, complete with our little chant at the end has gone through my head all week as well:  "Be a missionary every day. Tell the world that Jesus is the Way. Be it in a town or country or a busy avenue, Africa or Asia, the task is up to you. So be a missionary every day. Tell the world that Jesus is the Way. The Lord is soon returning. There is no time to lose. So, be a missionary-God's own emissary. Be a missionary today! Let's Go! All the way to Mexico. Take a train and go to Spain. Kiss your Aunts and go to France!"

In our town of East Brainerd, on our busy corner of Shallowford and Jenkins, are we telling people that Jesus is the Way (John 14:6)? On your street, in your neighborhood, at your apartment complex, in your dorm are you God's own emissary (Acts 1:8)? Are you using your time, talents and ideas to reach your community? This week we saw pictures of Bible studies being conducted in villages and neighborhoods. We saw strangers being invited into homes for cooking classes. We saw children playing games and learning English as a second language. We saw God's Word being preached and taught in many different settings. We saw creative evangelism in the workplace. The common thread - people, like us, serving God with the talents, abilities and gifts He gave them, creatively reaching the lost for Christ.

I walk away from the missions' conference with a sense of encouragment that I'm doing what God has called me to do, yet with the anticipation that He has more coming my way.
I also walk away challenged to be ready to share what He's doing with people like you, my church family, who pray for me and hold me accountable!

~Rebecca Phillips~

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  1. These are some great thoughts, Rebecca. You made me stop and ponder. It was, indeed, a very challenging conference--and very encouraging. Thank you for keeping it before us a while longer.